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First Time Home Buyer Grants Senior Citizens with Disability-Housing Adaptation Grants

First Time Home Buyer Grants Senior Citizens with DisabilityHousing Adaptation Grants For Disabled Senior Citizens– Are you looking for a grant? There is a housing adaptation grant for everyone.  Disabled persons can get them too. We know that every grant has certain goals. Hence, the aim of this grant is to make necessary changes to homes for them. This scheme works for people with different categories of disabilities. Other than this, people with mental health difficulties can get a grant too. home buyer grants senior citizens, home repair grants disabled senior citizens, first time home buyer grants for disabled.

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So, the grant is just the right fit for disabled persons.
Housing Adaptation Grant

How The Grant Helps

With this grant, you can improve the adaptations in your home. So, do the necessary changes to your home. You may add an extension to your existing structure to extend its space.  Besides, you can build one ground floor bathroom or add a stairlift. There are certain conditions that allow you to go for heating solutions. However, it depends on certain provisions.

You can opt for the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme. Use it for making minor changes to your home. But, there is another grant program for older people. This is Housing Aid for Older People Scheme.  The Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People with Disability Regulations authorizes these programs. Other than this, the local authorities manage all these programs.

Besides, there are other benefits for disabled people. If you buy appliances or other aids, you can have VAT refunds from the grant. The refund scheme can help you with the installation and adaptation tasks. However, there are certain rules to claim the housing grants for disabled.

Conditions to get Grants

You can get housing adaptation grant only under certain conditions.
  • Housing purchased under the Tenant Purchase Scheme from a local authority
  • Housing owned by owners
  • The Voluntary housing Capital Assistance offers schemes for adaptation
  • Rental Subsidy scheme offers accommodation too
Your disability helps you get low priced homes. But, if you build one, you can lower your rates too. During purchasing, you must confirm that your place is a normal residence. In case, you are a tenant, you must have approval from your landlord. Other than this, however, there is another application process depending on medical needs.

Key Stages to Application Approval

The selection process is based on three key priorities.
A person is eligible under a few medical conditions:-
  1. Terminally or fully ill
  2. Dependent on family or carer
  • Needs adaptations to be discharged from hospital
  1. Has mobility but needs help for the washing, accessing toilets and so on
  2. Mobility is hindered without alterations and adaptations
  1. Mobile, active and independent,
  2. needs assistance to improve their quality of life
It is not over yet. Your eligibility also depends on the assessment by occupational therapists. The housing adaptation grant works only when you have a test report.

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Medical Assessment

The grant scheme allows you to arrange an OT through a local authority. However, you can arrange it by yourself. You are able to recover up to €200 from the grant amount. But, it is subject to the maximum grant limit.

Alongside, seek grant help for your disabled child. The Disability Act 2005 part 2 has some protocols. It works for house adaptation. So, use it for your disabled child. But, you need to have an assessment report from a local OT too. Besides, there is another eligibility test for the housing adaptation grant. This involves your household income.

Household income

  • Annual gross income of the owner or tenant in conjunction with spouse’s annual income
  • Any other’s household income aged about 23 years or above.
However, follow certain rules. If you, they can strengthen your application process. You must wait until the grant is approved. If you start the adaptation work earlier, your grant will be rejected.
If you are eligible, download the application form now from the local authority website. Submit all the documents and wait for approval.

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